Our story yesterday that Meath county council had voted to introduce a ban on beach parking in Bettystown on a permanent basis generated a mixed reaction on social media.

Minister for European Affairs and Meath East TD, Thomas Byrne, was all for it, posting on Facebook,

This is really welcome news. The beach was a lot safer and cleaner this Summer because of the absence of cars. I have no doubt that Meath County Council will continue to work with local residents and businesses to ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience for all beach users. The coastal area has seen a massive improvement in public transport in the last while and more coordination of this will bring further improvements.
Some locals didn’t agree however, Dorothy Gallagher Shiels and Joseph Duff certainly didn’t
    • Dorothy Gallagher Shiels

      Its obvious the councillors don’t use the beach or swim
    • Joseph Duff

      No beach now for wheel chair users

      Carol Uí Lionáin

      I’m glad the able in the community will have all the beach to enjoy. The disabled will stick to the blocked footpaths or be trapped in their homes.
      Michael Murray was happy though

      Michael Murray

      Fantastic news , well done Sharon Tolan
      Overall in a story that generated thousands of views, there was a 50/50 split in opinion.