A sign placed by an Oristown based business backing their local club, Wolfe Tones, in next Sunday’s SFC final against Dunboyne has caused an uproar on social media.

The sign erected by cabinsandcontainers,ie wishes the Tones the best of luck against ‘the Dubs’ a cheeky reference to the fact that the south county town would have a healthy number of Dubliners living there.

The message hasn’t been received too well with GAA writer, Brendan Boylan a Dunboyne native tweeting, ‘We all love the banter and craic surrounding GAA, it’s a huge part of it but as with anything, there’s a line you don’t cross,

@DunboyneGAA is a very proud Meath club, and for anyone to suggest otherwise – publicly – is not only hurtful but insulting to those gone before us’
Paraic Farrelly meanwhile invoked the spirit of legendary Meath manager and Dunboyne man Sean Boylan when he tweeted, ‘Did anyone ever say Sean Boylan was part of Dublin when he was managing Meath. One thing I do know Boylan was not jealous of Dublin the greatest football team ever, he praised them and their manager Jim Gavin. A lot of Meath people praised the Dublin team.’
David Weldon described it as ‘Poor form’.
The sign has caused concern in the Tones camp too with one source telling us, ‘ Of course it was erected with a sense of humour and should be seen in that light but the fear is it could be used by the Dunboyne side as an inspiration.
‘It will be difficult enough  for us to beat them without giving them a cause to fight for.’