A woman out for a Halloween stroll at a historic monument has revealed how she became caught up in her very own fright night, after she was chased by a bull that, had broken loose from a nearby field.

And Carol Malone from Kells, told Meath Live, I was s******g myself, I thought I was a goner.’

Recalling the horrific incident she said, ‘ I regularly go for a walk on the path at the Tower of Lloyd just outside Kells and on the afternoon of Halloween I pulled my little boots on and set off, I was looking forward to a pleasant stroll and certainly never expected what happened.

‘I went up the walkway without any hassle but when I was halfway down on the way back I could see what at first I thought was a big dog on the path, there was a bit of a hill so I hadn’t a clear view initially.

‘When I got a bit closer I realised it was a bull, the snorting it was doing was a bit of a giveaway, he had obviously broken out somewhere as he was now blocking my path. I was frozen to the spot with fear

‘I was kind of trapped as I couldn’t go forward because the bull was there, if I went backward I had to run uphill and I reckoned the bull could run quicker than me, but when I was thinking about what to do the bull made my mind up for me.

‘He put his head down and started to run at me so there was only one option left I grabbed hold of a barbed wire fence and dragged myself over it.

Ward can turn back the years

‘My hands were cut to bits and my clothes were in ribbons but what choice had I, to be honest I didn’t fancy my chances if I stayed where I was.

‘My heart was going ninety with the adrenalin rush, but anyway I clambered over the fence and came out behind the bull which gave me the advantage of running downhill and also I knew the bull would have to turn round if he wanted to chase me, but I was out the gate and gone in no time.

‘I posted a picture on my Facebook page of the cuts on my hand but nobody believed it they thought I put it up as a Halloween prank.

‘My finger is still sore where I ripped it and I have had to put a poultice on it to get the infection out.

‘I’m a horror movie fan but never expected to live through a fright night of my own, I can look back and laugh now but it was a terrifying experience.’

And that’s no bull.