Marie Hannon


One dog has died and another has been placed on Valium by a vet as a result of ongoing anti-social behaviour that has seen fireworks being discharged from a park close to SuperValu in Dunshaughlin into nearby housing estates.

The problem has been ongoing for five weeks now and one angry householder claimed, ‘The little fu***rs behind it are being allowed do what they like’

Marie Hannon told Meath Live, ‘This started in the run-up to Halloween and is still going on, my dog, Cari, is too scared to leave the house after dark and two weeks ago the vet put her on Valium to control her nerves.

‘When I posted about this on Facebook a man replied saying that a few weeks back his dog had a seizure and then a heart attack which killed it due to a banger landing beside it.


‘At half two this morning one went off right outside my house it was like an explosion and I just snapped, I had enough, so I got dressed and ran out to confront them but brave lads that they are they had disappeared when I got there.

‘Perhaps it is just as well because I am not the biggest of women and at the same time I was ready to challenge them.

‘It’s unfair on everyone, the estates here have their fair share of elderly people whose partners may have passed on and they are terrified of hearing the explosions as they don’t know what is going on.

‘There were six explosions one after the other this morning and it seems they have even been getting hold of traffic cones and firing them from those, one of the bangers landed right beside my jeep.

‘We have been in touch with the guards but nothing much has been done, the little f*****rs are allowed do what they like, as on one occasion after I had called the cops in the early hours it was still going on, so I rang back about five o clock one morning and the answer I got was ‘Oh are they still there’.

‘ Look we can accept this happening Halloween night, we might not like it but yes we get it and can handle that, but Halloween is long gone and it’s still happening.

‘What I don’t understand is what kind of kick they get out of it, these are not kids, I am sure kids wouldn’t be out that late, whoever is doing this knows exactly the mayhem they are causing and seem to think it is funny.

‘Well nobody here is laughing about it.