As new COVID19 Doomed ?restrictions were introduced yesterday, the subject of Antigen testing kept on popping up. Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly shut down any suggestions that Antigen tests would be offered for free.

People before Profit and other opposition parties have called for free Antigen tests throughout the pandemic.

On Morning Ireland, Donnelly said “if you subsidise an antigen test, it’s money you’re not spending on a nurse… The UK, where the NHS issues packs of sever for free, has been criticised for spending that scale of funds”.

However, Senator Regina Doherty took to Twitter to say, “given how much the country has spent on PCR tests and lockdowns (PUP and Biz supports), it’s a serious mistake not to give Antigen tests free to each household. Have been asking for their use as an effective tool against Covid for months now”.