The Labour party rep in the Kells area, Aaron Byrne, has come out in support of the party’s bill on Carbon labelling that is currently before the Dáil.
He told Meath Live, “Carbon labels on products can empower consumers by enabling informed choices while putting a firm end to “greenwashing” (giving false impressions of how little impact products have on the environment) by big corporations. We want to help people to reduce negative impacts on the environment.”
“Companies are increasingly moving to introduce their own labelling system showing, for example, the quantity of greenhouse gas emitted in the process of manufacturing and shipping products to consumers.
“We are seeing big multinationals increasingly signing up to do this unilaterally but the Labour Party Bill will create a unified approach to ensure consistency and clarity on a carbon labelling approach.
“This Bill will confer greater powers on the National Standards Authority of Ireland to develop standards to give information about the carbon footprint of commodities. It would require reporting of the greenhouse gas emissions of the manufacture, shipping, normal use, and end-of-life disposal of the product.”
“Carbon labelling would also provide a boost for locally produced goods and services.”