Sinn Féin TD Darren O’Rourke, has reacted to the news that Meath has the highest fuel prices in the country by demanding the government intervenes in what he says  is an escalating fuel crisis.


He told Meath Live, “Prices at the pump are forcing families into poverty and businesses to the pin of their collar, particularly those who drive for a living. They are a major part of the cost-of-living crisis.

“Government have no mitigation for this. For example, the fuel allowance is extremely limited.
“Instead, they add to costs with carbon and other taxes. The vast majority of those who are impacted by these increasing prices don’t qualify for fuel allowance. They get no support from Government.
“Sinn Féin would scrap carbon tax increases and would reduce VAT on fuels to 0% for a limited period to help people through. We would also expand the fuel allowance scheme.
“The Government must respond urgently to this escalating crisis.”