Furious Fine Gael councillor Suzanne Jamal stormed out of a public meeting on road safety in the Skryne/Rathfeigh area,

held by her council colleague Joe Bonner in Skryne on Tuesday night after telling the Ashbourne based

 Independent, ‘You wouldn’t like it if I held a public meeting in the Ashbourne House Hotel’.


Joe Bonner at Millbourne green

Cllr Joe Bonner, independent.

However, a defiant Bonner told Meath Live. ‘I will hold meetings in any area I represent, and the bottom line here is the safety of the public on our roads is far above politics and political point-scoring.’

Multiple sources have told us that Jamal came into the venue when the meeting had begun and was in a confrontational mood when she addressed it.

One said, ‘When Suzanne stood up her comments had nothing to do with what the meeting was about, which was traffic and road safety issues, especially around Swans cross in Skryne.

The gist of what she was saying was how dare Joe Bonner hold a public meeting about anything on her patch, it was politically motivated there is no doubt about that and it backfired badly.

Suzanne did make a point about Covid regulations quite why nobody seems sure as they were adhered to on the night.

She basically interrupted the meeting to score a political point and it didn’t go down well at all.’

Another said, ‘This traffic problem is a major issue in the area and has been for some time, Suzanne Jamal and others have had ample time and opportunity to meet with the community over their concerns and have not done so, it comes across as a bit rich to have a go at someone who is trying to help resolve them.’

Meath Live has made numerous efforts to contact Suzanne Jamal but she has not responded to requests for comment.

Below are the four questions we emailed to Ms. Jamal and we will publish any reply we receive.

1; Did you say to Joe Bonner, ‘How dare you come down here to hold a meeting’

2; We are certain that after a verbal exchange with Bonner you then left the meeting immediately. Why was this, if you had a prior engagement was the sole purpose of your attendance to slate him for coming to Skryne

3; What engagement have you had with the community of Skryne/Rathfeigh over traffic concerns

4; Would you concede you were angry at Joe Bonner for arriving into an area you represent to hold a meeting

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