Eilish Balfe with her daughter at the busy junction
“The junction at the centre of Ratoath village is dangerous and needs attention sooner rather than later before a serious accident happens”, said Eilish Balfe (as above with her daughter) Labour Party Local Area Representative for Ratoath.
She was speaking in light of recent posts on social media about near-accidents involving pedestrians,  cyclists and vehicles at the busy
junction in the village.
“We know that the Council has significant proposals for a new design layout which are aimed at making the road safer for all. These proposals have to go through public consultation. We don’t know for sure at this stage when this is going to happen. “
“In fairness to our Local Councillors, they’ve been pushing for improvements for several years.”
“But can we wait indefinitely? Surely some improvements can be made immediately? “
Another view of the junction, in need of improvement.
“The potholes in the surfaces outside Homeworld are a danger to pedestrians. Especially to small children and anyone who is infirm. Also, it’s not clear where the boundary is between the road and the parking and walking space along that stretch.”
“I’m calling on Meath County Council to come to the village as a matter of urgency to see what can be done immediately to make the junction safer while the new design layout is being progressed. “
“I’m also calling on the Council to give more definite information on when the new design layout will be put on public display “.
As the village population continues to grow it now has well over 9,533 (2016 ). Improvements in the  infrastructure have been made but
people are facing unnecessary danger and improvements are now needed.