Tracy McElhinney.

The good news of the flooding being stopped was announced this morning by Boliden.  Tracy McElhinney welcomed the news and also gave

an insight into her family as her dad worked in the mines. It illustrates the importance Tara Mines means to the community locally as an

important employer in economics and social well-being.

“It’s really great news that the flooding in Tara Mines has been brought under control and that the workers can look forward to getting back in action “, said Tracy McElhinney, Labour Local Area Representative for Trim.
“My dad worked there for over 40 years and retired in 2010. The mine gave us a good standard of living and many of our friends and neighbours still work there. Almost 600 employees rely on the mines for their incomes.”
“After being closed for a week, it’s great to hear Boliden saying that work is now beginning to restore the mine, which includes pumping and mapping of any damage as a result of the flooding.”
“It’s also good news that no one has been seriously injured as a result of the flood and the damage it caused. Hopefully, there will be no detrimental impact on the local environment either “