The owner of a Navan snooker hall has confirmed to Meath Live that he has taken legal advice over issuing a breach of contract law suit against one of the rising stars of the world game.

Amir Mazahery ( better known locally as Chris), who owns the Royal snooker hall on Metges Lane claims rising star Hossein Vafaei walked out on a five-year contract with him back in 2017.

Vafaei hit the headlines this week when he defeated world number one and former world champion, Mark Selby, in the UK championships in York before crashing out in the last 16 to Jack Lisowski.

Mazahery told us, ‘Hossein came to Navan in 2013 and ended up staying with me at my home in Kells for four years and playing out of my club, we are both Iranians and got on well together.

‘From the first time I saw him play it was clear he was a massive talent, he had huge ability and regularly made 147 breaks both in practice and games, he was the kind of guy that when he was on a table every else in the club stopped playing to watch him.

‘I signed him on a five-year deal which said I would be his manager and set about organising a petition to get him a visa to enter the UK to play in tournaments, Iranians needed a work visa to enter Britain, we sent that petition to 10 Downing Street and eventually, he got it.

‘I suppose you could say I was a father figure to him, a mentor, as well as his manager, and the contract which had me on 25% of his earnings is in place until the end of this year.’



The relationship ended in 2017 when the player called Mazahery to say he was moving on.

Amir recalled, ‘I got a call from him one night to say he was ending my involvement with him and when I pointed out there was still a contract in place he told me he had signed it with the wrong hand and hung up, we haven’t spoken since.’

Asked why he hasn’t pursued the legal route sooner than this Mazahery said, ‘I am not going to play a game where I can win and still lose, there is no point in me winning a court order for compensation when he has no money in his bank account to pay me.

‘I estimate I am due around €100k and both I and my legal people are keeping an eye on Hossein’s winnings, when he comes up trumps in a major tournament we will move to place a garnishee order on him.’

A garnishee order means if you owe money to a creditor and another person owes money to you, then your creditor can get a court order directing that person to pay the money directly to the creditor.

Therefore if the player was to win a major tournament, a not unlikely event, a court could order the sponsors to pay a portion of the winnings directly to Amir.

He concluded, ‘I liked the boy and treated him like family, but ultimately I saw him as an investment a business proposition and I wasn’t his manager for the joy and pleasure watching him play snooker brought me I was his manager to make money and that is the bottom line.’

Hossein Vafaei has been contacted for comment

Our video below shows Hossein making a 147 break at the Royal snooker club.