Independent councillor Alan Lawes has opened up to Meath Live on the reasoning behind his motion to todays council meeting urging the council to write to the Minister for Health asking him to apply the same Antigen test rules to people entering hospitals and nursing homes as now apply to people entering Ireland.

People arriving here now have to provide a negative PCR or Antigen test on arrival.

Speaking after his emergency motion was deferred until the January meeting, Lawes said, ‘A while back Emer Toibín submitted a motion along similar lines and it was defeated, one of the strong arguments put forward against it was that at the time we didn’t really know what we were dealing with in terms of Covid and I understood that,

‘However now we know exactly what we are dealing with we know that being vaccinated is not an absolute guarantee against catching the virus, especially the new variant that has emerged from Africa, so I feel the government need to step up and ensure that visitors and staff who are in contact with patients provide a negative test result.

Just think an industry closed down at night time ( nightclubs) frequented by health only vaccinated people for the risk of catching and spreading the virus
‘Yet Vaccinated staff who can catch and spread the virus allowed without being tested for the virus in hospitals and nursing homes
‘The Omicron Virus didn’t fly into Europe from Africa by seagull . The Virus was brought to Europe by vaccinated people who are now rightly to be tested with Antigen or PCR test showed they are free from the Covid. We have to do the same for the sick and vulnerable in our hospitals and nursing homes.’