Distraught residents of a Batterstown housing estate say they feel like changing the words of the Christmas carol from, ‘Noel, Noel, Noel’ to ‘No Well, No Well, No Well’ as they face into the horrific prospect of a Christmas in which they will be forced to use just bottled water.

The 28 houses on the Churchview Estate have been left without a water supply since mid September after problems arose with an €80k well put in place by Meath County Council and Irish Water.

Since then they have been regularly provided with bottled water by the council and fears are mounting that the problem will not be resolved by Christmas which is now just sixteen days away.

Leonie Kearney who lives in Churchview told Meath Live, ‘ The whole situation is ludicrous, I’ll give you one example of the bungling and red tape we have to deal with.

‘If you ring up Irish Water to ask what is going on they immediately say they cannot tell you anything unless you provide them with a reference number, the problem is none of us have ever been given a reference number.


‘I feel like saying okay give me the reference number then I will give you the reference number!

‘We are told absolutely nothing, we don’t even know if we are going to have our water back for Christmas but as they delivered more bottles of water last week and those are supposed to last us for weeks it seems unlikely.

‘Apparently, the problem is that somehow bromate got in the water supply and we cannot use the water for anything.’

According to its Wikipedia page bromate is a known Carcinogen a substance that produces cancer meaning the water it has been found in is not safe to drink.

Meanwhile, with the festive season well and truly upon us there is not much goodwill to either Irish Water or the council to be found in Churchview.

Leonie said, ‘There is one family on the estate has a two-week-old baby, how are they meant to wash it.

‘I would say this Christmas will be a total washout except we won’t have enough water to wash anything.’