All-season tyres have registered a ‘huge’ growth in the Irish market over the last two years, according to Continental Tyres Irish boss Tom Dennigan, writes Brian Byrne.

Speaking at a media briefing to Irish journalists last week, he noted a 158pc increase in all-season sales in passenger cars, and a 448pc rise in the van segment.

“All-season tyres are a good option for our mild climate,” Mr Dennigan said, noting that we rarely see the levels of extreme cold or hot weather as experienced in continental Europe.

Overall tyre sales in Ireland have rebounded from the 12pc ‘covid drop’ of 2020, and during 2021 are up 124pc compared to sales in 2019. Tom Dennigan said much of this is due to increased sales of tyres for vans, reflecting the big increase in deliveris due to online sales.