Aaron Byrne, Labour Local Representative Kells

The Labour representative in the Kells area, Aaron Byrne, has told Meath Live,

“The Government and the HSE really need to get their acts together to ensure as many people as possible can be booster vaccinated as soon as possible”.

He was speaking as many people across Meath were complaining about the massive queues and excessive waiting times at the Simonstown Vaccination Centre outside Navan.
“We’ve had reports of the Gardai being called to sort out queue skipping complaints and of people being turned away and giving up because the queues were so long.”
“We’ve also heard of people travelling outside the county and getting vaccinated without long delays.”
“It’s not clear either that having an appointment makes any difference to how long people have to queue.”
“The Government claims that many people are failing to turn up for their appointments. Is this believable when we can see the huge demand for boosters?”

“The Government and the HSE need to get their acts together to ensure that as many people as possible can get their boosters as soon as possible. We’ve had very efficient operations in many centres up til now and we need to get back to that level of efficiency as quickly as possible before people lose more confidence in the system. ”