Laytown based Fianna Fáil councillor Tom Behan has told Meath Live, ‘Drug dealers in East Meath are dealing openly from their cars’.

His dramatic disclosure came after he had again called for Laytown Garda station to be opened on a full time basis.

He claimed, ‘Pre Covid deals were done discreetly in pubs, it always went on but since the pubs shut in lockdown the dealers have moved to openly operating on the streets.

‘It’s so obvious you’d have to be blind to miss it and they know they can do it because of the lack of Garda in the area and the fact the staion here is closed most of the time.

‘I understand that we are getting nine extra guards in county Meath from the latest batch of recruits and that six of them will serve the Ashbourne district which covers Laytown.

‘The best that can be said about that is it is nine more guards than we currently have, I am grateful for the increase but we need the station in Laytown open full time.’