A brave teenager is set to go to war with Meath county council to try and get them to build a footpath to ensure she can walk safely to her local shops.

And she has issued a stark warning to officials, saying, ‘Act now before you have a death on your conscience’

Emily McDonagh, (15), from Kiltale, was staggered when council bosses ignored a petition from her family and their neighbours to reduce the speed limit on the busy road just outside her front gate from 80 kph and instead increased it to 100 kph.

And she used the Facebook page of her dad, Michael, to vent her frustration.

Posting on the Kiltale and Kilmessan notice board she revealed that just last Friday, December 10th, the walls of the house across the road from her were demolished after a high-speed collision.


She said, ‘My name is Emily McDonagh, I’m a 15-year-old Transition year student attending Scoil Mhuire in Trim and I live in Kiltale. This is my Fathers’s Facebook page he is letting me use it.

The traffic is speeding through Kiltale and we’ve had two serious accidents in the last three weeks. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed.

The images below are from last Friday this was on my doorstep, this happened on the grass pathway we walk to get to shops and school and friends, if anyone was there they would undoubtedly have been killed.

My neighbour has two tiny children and they use that area to get out for a walk, it could have been horrific.

We desperately need to take steps to reduce the speed limit throughout Kiltale it used to be 80 Km where I live but recently it was increased to 100 Km that’s after my Mother and our neighbours signed a petition to have it reduced.

Last year steps were taken at the other side of the village to reduce speed but what’s interesting is this was done outside the EU Building and not at our end of the village with many residential homes with families, at their end also a nice pathway for staff to get to the shops and a 60 KPH speed limit for them and we have no path and a ridiculous speed limit.

The more people that contact the council on this web address to ask them to address the issue the quicker we can get something done, please email customerservice@meathcoco.ie and raise your voice if you agree with my concerns.’

Speaking exclusively to Meath Live, Emily revealed that as far back as last September she contacted a local councillor, Fine Gael’s Joe Fox, on the issue, but has yet to receive a reply.

She told us, ‘Youngsters of my age are often asked by their parents to go to the shops for something, any time I am asked I am very very nervous doing it.

The speed that traffic comes down the road is horrendous and when the council were asked to reduce the speed limit they went 100% the other way and increased it.

I messaged Joe Fox over this last September but have heard nothing back, so I messaged him again this week and also emailed the council I am sure if they send anyone out to see the speed the traffic goes by our front gate at they will do something about it.

The thing is they need to act fast before they have a death on their conscience.’