A county Meath family are set to lose up to €4000 due to the HSE not uploading booster details to their vaccine passport.


The McConnon’s from Duleek splashed out, for a trip to Disney World in Paris, for a four day break to celebrate dad Pats 50th birthday, but now due to a change in French Covid rules they may be forced to cancel at huge personal cost.


Pat’s daughter Trisha who was meant to travel along with her father, mum Lucy and sister Elizabeth on January 31st, explained, ‘Basically under their rules, as and from January 15th, you have to show on your vaccine passport that you were vaccinated or received a booster shot in the last seven months.


‘The problem is that my mother and father were in the cohort vaccinated more than seven months ago and the HSE has yet to upload their booster data to the vaccine passport.’


Trisha was advised by the Disney organisation to contact either the French embassy in Ireland or Irish government officials but claims that her efforts to do so have descended into farce.


She revealed, ‘First of all I rang the French embassy in Dublin and they told me they had nobody there could speak English and as I have no French that was pointless.


‘I tweeted to various government ministers and got nowhere so in desperation I rang the Irish embassy in Paris and bizarrely they said they only spoke as Gaeilge or in French which was no use either.


‘I have the travel agents head melted at this stage ringing them and to be honest while we’ve been told we can cancel or reschedule that’s not much help, if we try and reschedule who is to say we won’t have to go through the same rigmarole again.’


The McConnon’s are part of a Facebook group, called Disneyland Paris Tips For Irish, which has 11,400 members most of whom have come up against the same stumbling block.


A message posted on the group page today is urging members to bombard the Disneyland help line with phone calls, emails and tweets.


It reads. ‘ Can everyone please shout at Disney today to change their stance changed on Irish people who have gotten their booster (but no QR code).

Between 15th-31st Jan (we expect) Disneyland will not allow anyone admission without a QR code showing their most recent dose was within 7 months.

Example: you got your 2nd Pfizer vaccine on 1st May 2021, you got your booster in Dec 2021. No dice! The QR code for your 2nd dose is out of date. You cannot enter Disneyland.

Recovery certs within 6 months are still good during this time as long as you have a QR code. Unvaxxed simply cannot go to Disneyland Paris after Jan 15th we expect.

You can tweet them @DLPHelp. You can DM them, you can email them, you can call them.’

A Disneyland spokesperson said, ‘ As of 15th January 2022 the rules relating to the French health pass will change for people aged between 18-64.

As of this date people aged between 18 and over must have received a booster dose no later than 7 months after their last injection to benefit from a valid health pass.’

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said, ‘The European Commission has adopted a new 9-month validity maximum period for EU Digital Covid Certs based on a completed primary vaccination regime. This will come into effect for travel across the EU from 1 February 2022. This does not impact on booster doses.

‘With the successful roll-out of the booster campaign in Ireland, work is underway across Government with a view to issue EU Digital COVID Certificates reflecting these additional doses.
‘To ensure these additionally issued Digital COVID Certificates continue to be interoperable across the EU the technical aspects of the process are under consideration with preparations allowing for implementation early in the new year.

‘Similar validity periods on vaccination certificates for domestic use (such as access to indoor dining etc) are not currently planned by the Government.’