Aontú East Meath rep, Peter Whelan has told Meath Live he feels the local council should do more to encourage people to produce their own food by freeing up land for allotment.
He claimed “I have been contacted by many constituents asking if there are any council allotments that they can rent to grow their own produce. “ I made enquiries to Meath County Council and was told they don’t have plans for any, as they have no land available in this area.
“I feel that if they are serious about promoting a healthy lifestyle, then the council must take the next step of making areas available to people to grow their own produce in shared allotment areas.
“This is a simple way of educating our younger generation on how we can feed ourselves in a healthy and sustainable way .”
The Slane based farmer believes that the way to get people to eat healthily is to help them to realise where food comes from and how it’s so easy to grow it yourself and added  “ I will be working hard to convince the council to make land available for such amenities in our area.
“We are being told by our government and local authorities to eat healthy etc, so to me, it’s a no brainer to make land available to educate and help people realise what can be grown in allotments”