The battling mother who organised a rally on a beach last summer to protest against the lack of Garda manpower to deal with anti-social behaviour in her area has seen her efforts rewarded with additional resources being announced this week.

Last June Meath Live exclusively revealed how midwife Tania O’Neill reacted with fury after her teenage son was attacked and badly beaten by thugs on Bettystown beach.

Four youths have subsequently been dealt with by Gardai over the incident.

And now Garda chiefs have revealed that the boundaries between Drogheda in Louth and the east Meath area have been realigned meaning calls from Bettystown will be directed to Drogheda 10km away rather than to Ashbourne 33km away which was the case.

And tenacious Tania has praised them for keeping their word.

She said, ‘This is just the first step in a long battle but fair play when I met with the Garda authorities they promised this would happen and they have stuck to that promise.

‘Mind you they had little choice on it because I wasn’t the only one calling or emailing them they were flooded with messages from east Meath.

‘This has to be just the beginning though and not the end, what we really need is a 24-hour modern station in our area.

‘Again to their credit they have placed portacabins on to Laytown station but even at that the number of guards we need wouldn’t fit into what they have.

‘We have to keep pressure on for a new station and in that regard, the census that is taking place later this year will show them just how large the population is out here.

‘If they need any ideas about the location a few of us have already been thinking about that and come up with some ideas

‘In fairness, I am more hopeful now than I was previously.’