Peter Whelan who is the Aontu representative for Laytown – Bettystown which also covers the Slane area has called upon developers to bring back one of the landmarks of Slane Georgian buildings to its former beauty.
The landmark building is one of four Georgian buildings located on the square in Slane. Scaffolding has been left up untouched for many years now and in recent days hoarding has been damaged on the grounds of Georgian building which could cause a health hazard to the general public walking by.
Whelan told Meath Live  “The former parochial house in Slane is one of four landmark Georgian buildings at the square in what is a heritage village. We, the people of Slane want the developers to bring this building back to its former beauty as outlined in their planning approval. The scaffolding and hoarding is now up for many years and as well as being an eyesore it is a danger to pedestrians and traffic.
“These four buildings are famous nationally and internationally, with many tourists coming to Slane to see them as well as other heritage sites in the area.
“There have been many other buildings in Slane bought up and left to deteriorate, and we the people of Slane want to send a strong message to both meath county council and the developers that we will not tolerate this kind of reckless ruination of our beautiful village.
Please sign this petition to send a strong message to all concerned and ask your friends and neighbours to join us in this campaign “
Peter Whelan has set up a petition and asked for the general public of Slane to sign it.
To sign click on the petition link below