Two well known Navan guitar players have paid tribute to Joe McEntaggart the front man of The Bomber Band who pa

Jimmy Smyth

Pat Coldrick

ssed away earlier today.

The founder of the Bogey Boys, Jimmy Smyth, said, ‘I knew Joe long before the Bomber Band, my dad had a group and Joe regularly gigged with us in places like The Silver Tankard.

‘He had it all, he had the long haired rocker look, the moves and shapes, but none of those were much use if you couldn’t play and Joe could certainly play he was very very talented and I mean that.

‘You don’t last long at any level of this business unless you deliver the goods and Joe did that for generations of music lovers all over Meath.

‘We kept in touch and I’ll miss him the music scene in Meath has just suffered a huge loss.’

Classical guitarist Pat Coldrick told us, ‘Myself and Joe would be of similar age and I remember when I started playing guitar and getting into bands he was already a local legend.

‘He was hugely talented and a man who never thought it was nice to be important but knew it was important to be nice, a great guitar player and a lovely lovely fella I am saddened to hear of his passing,’