Trim councillor, Noel French has taken to social media to express his feelings over the horrific murder of 23 year old teacher Ashling Murphy in Tullamore yesterday.

Noel French

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I cannot understand it, it baffles me, it is beyond comprehension – violence and evil. To hear of a young woman killed in broad day light in a rural Irish town. I cannot understand it – people cannot understand it. The only thing I can think of is that it is evil. Not mental health or madness it is pure evil. I know my daughter went down some dark streets when she was at college. She told me afterwards – it is something I still think about. My brother made sure his daughter was safe recently on an outing, I was wondering was he over-reacting now I know he was not. I am talking today to a BBC radio producer in relation to Malcolm MacArthur – more senseless violence and death. I cannot understand it. And I know of no solution to it which is worse. Offering my sympathy and thoughts to her family is totally inadequate.