Irish country music star Mary Duff has revealed she was the victim of a mugging earlier this week.
The 62 year old Lobinstown singer, who toured with Daniel O’Donnell for thirty-two years before stepping down in 2020. took to social media, on Thursday night, to detail what she described as a ‘harrowing’ experience.
The attack took place as the singer left the Spar supermarket in Ardee, County Louth, shortly after 9 pm on Wednesday, and while she was unhurt in the incident Duff revealed she had items of great personal and sentimental value taken.
She thanked those who came to her assistance after the robbers had sped off/
Anyone with information or dashcam footage of the robbery is asked to contact Ardee Garda station.

She posted this message on her Facebook page

I had a harrowing experience last night while parked in Ardee Main Street.
I had just come out of Spar supermarket and was sitting in my car when a young guy with a hoodie and mask came up to the car opened the door and swiped my handbag.
It happened so quickly that I was unable to react..
He ran off and jumped into a car that was waiting with 2 other young guys in it and was parked in the old credit Union car park at approximately 9:30 pm.
Along with the usual credit cards/money/passport/driving license etc. A number of very personal items were also stolen that are very important and sentimental to me..
The bag was a leopard skin type hold-all style .. if you come across it or have any info. that might help in retrieving it I would be really grateful..
This is the second incident like this that has taken place in the area in the last few days.
I was very traumatised as a result and thanks to some local people who had witnessed what happened and came to my aid and also the local Gardaí who arrived on the scene very quickly.
Any information / Dashcam footage please contact local Ardee Garda station 041-687-1134

Mary .x