Chloe Stapleton-Moore

Former Aer Lingus hostess, Chloe Stapleton-Moore has posted the following on Facebook
‘I am organising a community walk, run, hop skip or jump – whatever you feel comfortable doing in order to raise money for safe Ireland.
I am asking all genders, races, and religions to please take part in “ A run for Ashling” bring your families, dogs, cats, hamsters the lot! I chose safe Ireland because everyone can fall victim to violence.
The event will take place in Nobber on Sunday 16th January at 12pm at the trail walk. Meeting at the school. Please share this post & spread the word. I will leave the donation link below.
I know many people won’t make the event but you can still donate and any donation no matter how small can and will make a difference.
This won’t bring Ashling back to her family, let’s be honest it probably won’t stop another vicious attack from happening but we can’t just sit down & do nothing. I really hope you will join us.
Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity. And if you decide to give, you can choose who can see that you donated or donate privately’

Meath Live urges anyone who can to join in the effort