Ashbourne councillor Joe Bonner has reacted angrily to the theft of hundreds of batteries from the site of his annual recycling event at the back of the car park at Pilo Hotel, Ashbourne.

Bonner has hosted the recycling fundraiser for a number of years and as well as Christmas trees punters can bring their used batteries which are collected by a recycling company called ERP who make a donation to the ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ charity connected to Barretstown House.

The Independent councillor told Meath Live, ‘ On Saturday morning we noticed they had gone and I am certain there were a few people involved in the theft as we had weighed them and there was 90kg in the barrel they took, don’t tell me one man would lift that on their own.

‘It would even take a huge effort to tip the barrel over and lift the batteries individually.

‘I am annoyed to be honest as I’d consider it the lowest of the low to rob stuff that was clearly identified as being for a children’s charity, I am in the process of reporting it to the guards and if anyone has any information they can contact them as well or speak to me in complete confidence.’