Cromwell it was who said ‘To hell or to Connacht’, but the makers of a hit movie on Netflix have decided to give their main characters a different fate, they end up sending them to Navan!


The plot line of the movie, Deadly Cuts, sees a hair salon owner, played by Angeline Ball, of  The  Commitments fame, and her staff enter a hairdressing competition in a bid to save their shop and other premises in the fictional Piglinstown shopping centre from being demolished to line the process of corrupt councillor Darren Flynn.


In the lead-up to the competition, the salon staff manage to murder local gangster Beano, who had been demanding protection money from them, and in the end, they win first prize and face down Flynn confident the shops will stay open.


However the councillor tells them they will still be closing and hisses, ‘We’ll send you to Navan.’


Why they send them to our dearly beloved county town you’ll have to watch and see.


It is a black comedy with true Dublin wit and humour and will give you a good laugh on these winter nights!