A Dunboyne man has told Meath Live he will sit in front of the diggers if Lidl attempt to make any alterations to the village iconic green.

Lidl Ireland will outline its plans to build a store in Dunboyne at a virtual community briefing session next week.

The supermarket retailer will hold the virtual community briefing session at 6.30 pm on Tuesday, 25th January, to brief local residents, community leaders and stakeholders on its plans for the store on Dunboyne’s Main Street, adjacent to St Peter and Paul’s Church.

During the briefing, Brian Smyth, Regional Property Executive, and Damien Ryan, Regional Property Manager for Lidl Ireland along with members of the design team, will outline the retailer’s proposed plans for a new store in Dunboyne that is set to include a spacious sales floor, a café, and retail unit, a car park with EV charging points for customers, and solar panels.

Local councillors will also be accompanying the Lidl team to answer any relevant questions. Lidl says the development will bring up to €12 million in local investment to the community, as well as creating 30 new jobs at the store and 100 during construction and development stages.

However, Dunboyne native Sean Henry has told Meath Live he will put his body on the line, to block any works to the village green, something that may be needed to allow large lorries to access the site adjacent to the chapel.

Henry said, ‘In the first place I don’t understand the need for Lidl coming here when there is one two miles up the road in Clonee, but given that it is I am completely opposed to the proposed location.

‘There are other options, it could be put in the industrial estate or at the M3 station for example.

‘If it is located to the side of the church it is going to create a traffic jam like no other seen in Dunboyne, the car parking situation in Dunboyne is chronic but a lot of the time that is alleviated by the public using the church car park, but my main concern is how it will affect the village green.

‘As far as I am aware that is a conservation area and should not be touched the trees on it has been there since God was a child, I was born and reared in this village and like many others played football on that green, it is the heart and soul of Dunboyne and not even a little bit of it should be touched.

‘Now you can quote me on this I will sit down in front of any diggers or bulldozers that Lidl or anyone else attempts to use on that green.

‘Lidl are hosting a Zoom meeting so locals can voice their opinion on the application and why are they using Zoom, I’ll tell you why there is an elderly population living around the green who will be worst affected by any development and most of them would not be internet users so they won’t be able to access the Zoom meeting.

‘At the moment I might be the only one to speak out publicly but I believe there is widespread support for what I am saying.’