It seems, given the huge response to our story yesterday, that Lidl things really do mean a lot to the people of Dunboyne.

Many posters on social media pledged to sit beside Sean Henry when the bulldozers move in and certainly there appears to be a general consensus that the green is an area of the village that must remain untouched.

The problem for the protestors is that unless there is a political as well as public will to back them they may be doomed to fail.

In that regard it is important for those who oppose any plans to realise that we now sit at the mid point between local elections, it is two and a half years since the last one and two and a half years until the next one.

Therefore the store could be built and all works associated with it completed long before any objectors exercise their right to vote again, and don’t think politicians don’t know that.

Perhaps the most suitable comparable fight, and it was lost, was that of Laytown residents who attempted to stop the other German giant, Aldi, building a supermarket in their area, that battle even went to the high court in 2018, now four years on it is long open for business and not a murmur of disquiet is heard.

The point being made is Sean Henry is right, it is a case of speak now or forever hold your peace.

Meath Live has sent the following four questions to Lidl and to be fair they have promised us a swift response.

1; Will the green area close to the proposed new shop have to be amended in order to facilitate lorries delivering to the shop
2; What is the reason for a store being built within 2 miles of another Lidl in Clonee
3; Are there any other two Lidl stores in Ireland in such close proximity in differing towns
4; While we are aware that there is a Zoom meeting scheduled for next week many of those likely to be affected by the new store would not be internet savvy will there be other avenues through which you will correspond with them
The answers to these questions will certainly be informative.
The bottom line is that now is the time for action, not tomorrow, not after the Zoom meeting, now there is no time to waste.
Politicians, at the local and national levels, need to be held accountable, and not just those who live in or near the Dunboyne area.
Your vote matters your voice must be heard on this.