A Romanian family who has been living in Ashbourne for the last five years were the victims of a bizarre attack on their house in Brineley Park on Monday night,!7th Januray’22 when teen thugs launched a fusillade of eggs at their house.

The Ion family, dad Julian, mum Nicoletta, and 18-year-old daughter Alexandra were at home when the attack happened around 11 pm

Our exclusive video footage shows four young men approaching the property and launching a ten-second bombardment before sprinting off.

Three of the youths, two of whom are wearing glasses, are clearly visible and one more can be seen running back down the pavement after the attack

The family, who are set to contact Gardai over what happened, are at a loss as to why they were singled out, but Alexandra believes there were no racist undertones.

The law and criminology student told Meath Live. ‘I don’t think they were old enough to be racist, if it was an older generation of person perhaps I would think differently.

‘I kind of suspect it was directed at me personally, I didn’t recognise any of them but I get the feeling that they might know me, what puzzles me is I haven’t upset anyone that I know of I haven’t fallen out with anyone so really I am at a loss to understand why it happened.

‘Maybe it could have been any house they went for they might have just thought it was funny to do it, if they did then I think they have a weird sense of humour.

‘At the time it happened I was more angry than scared now I am a little scared as we have gone public with it which may lead to them coming back and doing it again but we had to bring it to peoples attention as somebody may know who they are.

‘It certainly wasn’t funny but it was definitely stupid.’


VIDEO LINK; https://www.facebook.com/100028840233985/videos/pcb.1293830254469852/458489565993027