Eilish Balfe with her daughter at the busy junction
“The employer group IBEC is barking up the wrong tree in calling for the taxation of Child Benefit to fund childcare and early years education “, according to, Eilish Balfe,  Local Area Representative for Ratoath.

She told Meath Live “Yes, childcare services and early years education is costly to provide, and yes, the more that we expand these services the higher the costs will grow.”

“But taxing Child Benefit of €140 a week even for high earners is not the way to fund vital public services such as childcare and early years education.”
“What we need is a publicly funded, universal, and affordable system for childcare and early years education which would be accessible to all.”
“IBEC aren’t dealing with the bigger issue that the sector is near collapse due to underfunding by consecutive governments.”
“We need a forward looking government willing to invest significantly in the sector and not calls for the taxation of Child Benefit. “