Cllr. Damien O’Reilly has expressed serious concerns about the pending Lidl, Dunboyne planning application which needs to be clarified immediately when the file is lodged to Meath County Council’s website.
The FF councillor told Meath Live, “The overview map uploaded to the Lidl website appears to highlight significant changes to the layout of the islands and parking spaces within Dunboyne village which Cllr. O’Reilly finds it completely unacceptable.
“I would have serious concerns that any planning permission application outside the remit of any one site location, should not interfere or have any changes to public infrastructure implemented, which is highlighted on the mapping on Lidl’s website.
“The area in question is protected in the Dunboyne Architectural Conservation Area document and includes many protected structures and this proposed planning application appears to contravene this document.
“The map on the Lidl website highlights how difficult large delivery trucks will have accessing and leaving the village centre. Bringing articulated trucks into the centre of Dunboyne village for deliveries is unacceptable and jackknife dangers exiting at the Macaris junction will bring increased dangers into the village.
“The village currently has 2,500 students accessing education near the proposed Lidl site and the increase of delivery trucks and vehicles entering the site would be detrimental to the safety of these children.
“I am eagerly waiting for the lodgement of this planning file to review every page in detail, but already I have deep concerns about this application from the one-page map on the Lidl website.”
The map can be seen here;