Supermarket giant Lidl has confirmed to Meath Live that work will need to be carried out to the iconic trees on Dunboyne’s Fair Green but claim they will be of the minor variety.

In what is their first comprehensive statement on their plans they told us, “We can confirm that no trees on the village green area will be removed. Lidl’s Arborist confirmed that the only requirements will be “minor pruning works to be carried out to ensure twiggy growth is not affected by high sided delivery trucks.”

“Lidl has been working hard for months on a plan that we believe will contribute positively to the Dunboyne area and offer a superior shopping experience for local residents in the town and neighbouring areas who currently have to travel by car to other towns.

“At the time of arranging a public consultation public health guidelines would not have permitted us to have an in-person gathering so in an effort to be proactive in communicating plans a decision was made to hold an online meeting.

“The public health situation has improved and with it looking likely that restrictions could be lifted, Lidl will be planning a drop in session in a local venue in the coming weeks also. As communications had already been issued in media and online regarding the online event, a decision was made to keep this meeting rather than cancel. We are looking into some local venues for a meeting and hope to be in a position to confirm a time and date next week.

“Already there are a number of inaccuracies regarding the plans circulating and we look forward to giving full details at the online event and later in person for those who cannot make the online event.

“With regards to reference to the close proximity of an existing Lidl store in Clonee – this store was built in 2008 and is no longer suitable for the growing customer numbers Lidl is seeing, as one of the fastest growing retailers in the country.

“Lidl have invested a considerable amount of time in examining population growth and traffic patterns and believe that a store in Dunboyne is an extremely viable option

“This modern store design will offer a superior shopping experience and facilities not available in our Clonee store, such as electric vehicle charging and a deposit return scheme machine that will enable our customers to deposit used beverage plastic bottles and aluminium cans in return for money-back vouchers redeemable in-store. There will also be additional community amenities such as a café, additional retail unit and public plaza.

“Lidl currently has a number of examples where two Lidl stores operate successfully in close proximity such as Letterkenny (stores 2.1 km apart), Tullamore (stores 1 km apart) and Ballina, Co Mayo (stores 850m apart).”