It appears that the monies from the controversial sale of church land to supermarket giant Lidl are to be ploughed back into the parish.

That at least seems to be what the following notice in this weeks local mass leaflets indicates

The notice, which if you are not a mass goer you may have missed, reads, ‘In the parish bulletin weekend of February 20th/21st 2021 and again with the delivery of the Annual Financial Statement of 25th/26th September information was given that the land surrounding the church which is zoned, Town centre development land, by Meath County Council, would be placed on the open market.

‘There was great interest in the site from retail companies and builders/developers. The highest bidders purchased the site and the transaction was completed before Christmas.

‘The proceeds of the sale have been placed in managed secure funds for income for maintenance and development of Dunboyne church in the future, An asset that provided no income has been exchanged for an asset that will provide income for future congregations.

‘The sale has been approved by the Charity Regulation Authorities.’