Fianna Fails Stephen McKee

Local East Meath Fianna Fail Councillor, Stephen McKee, has urged Meath County Council to develop a Public Realm Plan for Duleek as a matter of priority. This comes in the wake of McKee securing a commitment from Meath County Council last Summer to develop a Public Realm Plan for Duleek pending the availability of funding following a motion he tabled.

Cllr McKee told Meath Live

‘I tabled a motion at a Council Meeting last Summer calling for a Public Realm Plan to influence the way Duleek will look and function into the future and I am pleased that it was adopted. No timeframe was given as to when the Plan would start but I am now urging the Council to commence work on it as a matter of urgency.’

‘A Public Realm Plan would offer solutions to enhance all the public spaces in Duleek including street layout and how best to create a functional and pleasant environment in which to live, shop and interact for everyone.’

‘It is clear to me that we need a coordinated approach to develop public infrastructure in the village, improve the environment for local business to flourish, and enhance the quality of life for local residents.’

‘How we manage traffic and road safety in Duleek is one major issue. I would like to see the completion of the Main Street Traffic Management Plan as soon as possible and a new pedestrian crossing down at Londis. Traffic calming is badly needed also on the Station Road, on the Longford Road, the Navan Road, and out at Duleek Soccer Club at Carranstown. There are just far too many HGVs coming through the village. I am also seeking to secure funding under the national ‘Safe Routes To School Programme’ to make the route safer from the centre of Duleek out to the National Schools and to include a full cycle lane.’

‘The Council Area Manager agreed with me that it is a good idea worth pursuing by the Council and I will work to ensure that funding can be made available for this as soon as possible’ concluded McKee.