In the lead up to what is set to be a highly interesting public meeting in Dunboyne tonight, where representatives of supermarket giant Lidl will gather with locals, many of whom are vehemently opposed to the location of Lidl’s proposed new store on former church lands, community activist Sean Henry has told Meath Live that the Dunboyne parish council has some explaining to do.

He said, ‘The parish council hasn’t done a thing wrong, neither has Monsignor Farrell who sold the land to Lidl, but I do feel they all owe the people of Dunboyne an explanation as to why they sold it.

‘They don’t have anything to answer for as it was the churches to sell but there was never even any indication it was about to happen, and parishioners are still very much in the dark over why it did happen.

‘The people on the parish council need to come out from behind the door and tell us all why and when they are at it I am sure most people would be interested to hear whether they agree with the Fair Green being altered to allow large delivery trucks access the store.

‘Tonight’s meeting will I feel see the community united in telling Lidl they are welcome in Dunboyne just not where they propose to build, it shouldn’t be lost in this debate that Lidl are welcome here it is just the location and the works that will have to be carried out to allow access that is the issue.

‘I hope it is not just contractors that are at the top table tonight we need to speak to Lidl bosses face to face and get our point across.

‘Social media is a useful tool in the debate but you cannot beat looking someone in the eye and telling them what you think in a reasonable manner.’