A video has emerged of a sneak thief caught on CCTV after he was in and out of a garden in c in just 16 seconds on Tuesday afternoon and walked off to a waiting van having taken a container of fuel.

Homeowner Derek Bradley, from Ratoath, posted the footage on his Facebook page seeking help.

He said, ‘Anyone know this landscaping company, just stole out of my garden two hours ago.’

The 23-second long clip shows a man walking over to some bins and after casting a furtive glance to see if anyone is watching reach down behind them and remove a container of either petrol or diesel before calmly strolling back to a waiting red van which then drives off.

The whole incident lasts just 16 seconds.

Bradleys post sparked a furious reaction from angry locals with one saying., ‘They were snooping in skips in Other parts of Foxlodge’ before going on to suggest a name she spotted on the red van.

Anther also responded saying, ‘People giving them work encourages them to stay around…… scumbags .’

The video can be seen here; https://www.facebook.com/derek.bradley.90/videos/346696893980989