A furious county councillor has given National Broadband bosses food for thought by telling them, ‘I wouldn’t trust you to deliver me a takeaway never mind a decent broadband connection.’

Sinn Féin’s Michael Gallagher launched his tirade on social media after CEO of National Broadband Ireland Deployment, TJ Malone confirmed to Monday’s meeting of Meath County Council that NBI has no construction staff employed and that all work on the required infrastructure is contracted out.

Malone also attempted to blame Covid for the fact that so far 23% of the Royal County is still without coverage and lambasted Council officials for putting conditions in place that made his company’s job almost impossible.

Gallagher however was unimpressed with the excuses, he told Meath Live

, ‘I wouldn’t trust NBI to deliver a takeaway to me never mind broadband if they ran Deliveroo the country would be starving.

Initially, they promised us delivery in 2023 now it is back to 2027 they keep moving the goalposts.

Back in the 1930s when the ESB was tasked to deliver electricity to the people they could do the job properly because the state oversaw the work and resourced it properly and that is what needs to happen now, the Minister needs to get involved as NBI clearly cannot deliver this project.

All we heard yesterday was excuses and people are gone well beyond the stage of listening to or accepting them.’

Tom Behan

Meanwhile, another councillor Fianna Fáils Tom Behan hit out at NBI’s lack of health and safety procedures when some work is actually being done.

He said, ‘Over on the coast where I live some of their contracted workers were cutting down trees, they were sitting in a bucket on top of a tractor and not wearing a harness, there was no traffic management plan in place, and when they finished they left branches and electric wires scattered all over the roads.

People are rapidly running out of patience with NBI and it is easy to understand why.’