Independent Councillor Joe Bonner has told Meath Live that cars have hit speeds of 126kph when travelling through Swans Cross at Oberstown in Skryne.’

Bonner who led the campaign to have speed ramps installed in a bid to make the junction safer, told Meath Live, ‘In conjunction with the roadworks speed cameras for traffic survey were installed and captured one car coming from the Ratoath direction doing 123kph and another travelling at 126kph, the cameras were set back 300 metres from the junction.

‘Clearly, this was a very dangerous speed to be going at even at 2pm when the road might not be that busy and even more worryingly the majority of cars checked were doing in excess of the speed limit.

‘The situation is so concerning that the council now say they may have to double the number of speed ramps they initially intended to put down.’