Apcoa the clamping company that operates the penal service at Our Lady’s hospital in Navan is now active at a new location the car park on Brew Hill where the Foresters Hall once stood.

Now Meath Live is not sure how long this has been a 24-hour pay car park what we know is it now is.

We saw at least five cars, including the two pictured, clamped there on Friday night between 8-10 pm long after other car parks are free.

At that time of night if a driver doesn’t know the score they can often be without change for the ticket machine and by the time they find somewhere to get the change they find themselves clamped, and while the machines may take cards not everyone has cards.

Unfortunately what they are doing is legal even if in our opinion it is immoral.

Our suggestion would be to boycott the car park until like most others it becomes free after 7 pm if the owners are hit in the pocket they will soon react.

Any readers who know of clampers operating anywhere else around the county please let us know and we’ll spread the word.