A group of women recovering from a boozy birthday bash has been revealed as those who scribbled notes of how much they had enjoyed the night put them in a bottle and flung it into the Irish sea never expecting to see or hear about the ‘messages in a bottle’ again

As Meath Live disclosed yesterday the group, from Bettystown in county Meath, were shocked when a message appeared on the villages Facebook page asking who they were after an eleven year old girl found it almost 400 kilometres away in Morecambe Lancashire.

Renee McCanns mum Karen has taken to social media in a bid to see who flung the glass bottle into the stormy seas and to let them know it washed up over 400km away on Morecambe beach.

She posted , – ‘Hi my name is Karen not sure I’m in the right place with this but today me and my family was out for a walk at Sunderland Point near Morecambe England and we found a message in a bottle from your town, just want to let the family know that it’s been found. There are 3x letters and a piece of lace please see pictures. The letters talk of a family reunion/birthday at the Village Hotel Bettys town in January 2022 if anybody knows this family please could you let them know they made my little girls day.’

The notes enclosed in the bottle tells of a party held to celebrate the birthdays of Paula and Lorraine held in Bettystown’s  Village Hotel on the 30th of January and gave the name of a number of people who were in attendance, the second told of one woman called Deirdre who claimed to be ‘an Irish woman that has endured life in love, sadness, laughter and fun.

The third note revealed that the senders were a group of ladies who went swimming every day during Covid and were known as the Sisters Of The Sea and said, ‘our story will be forever told to our children and our grandchildren’.

The post caught the attention of Lorraine Brady who revealed what was being celebrated and she told Meath Live, ‘ The party was on January 30th for Lorraine Bellew and my cousin Paula Horgan and the next day when we were all dying with a hangover we scribbled that down and put it in a bottle which we fired from Bettystown beach, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

The Sisters of the Sea tag came about because since Covid a group of us, all of who have survived either cancer or the menopause have gone swimming in the sea every day.

I think we had forgotten about the bottle until Karen’s post came on Facebook.’

Karen McCann said , ‘ We were out walking last Saturday at Sunderland Point near Morecambe in Lancashire and Renee just came across it.

‘She was amazed because she always wanted to discover a message in a bottle and out of nowhere she found three of them.’

We were all curious to find out who Paula, Lorraine, Deirdre and their mates were, they seemed to have had a good party anyway.’

‘When we set out for our walk we never thought we’d end up having to solve a mystery that started in another country.