The Meath Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be screening the film ‘Gaza’ produced by Irish producers Andrew McConnell and Garry Keane, in the Solstice Arts Centre in Navan on the 28th of March at 7 pm. Tickets will cost €7 and are available on the Solstice website:

Moira Leydon, Chairperson of Meath IPSC, told Meath Live: “‘Gaza’ is the award-winning Irish documentary which goes beyond the news headlines to let the people of Gaza speak for themselves. This 90-minute dazzling cinematic production allows us to understand the lives of ordinary people living in what is routinely described as the world’s largest open-air prison. ‘Gaza’ allows us to meet three Palestinians as they go about their daily lives behind the 65 km wall encircling the Gaza strip from the Egyptian border to the Mediterranean sea”.

Meath IPSC member, Mahmoud, is from Gaza and has been living in Meath since he and his wife and four children moved to Navan, following an international recruitment call for medical personnel. Mahmoud specialises in orthopaedic surgery. Mahmoud is bringing all the family to this award-winning documentary and knows already that it will be a very emotional event for him and his wife, Mona: “I was born and raised in Gaza but after leaving to pursue my medical education, I have not been allowed back into the territory. I have done nothing wrong, nothing illegal. The Israeli government controls the movement of the entire Palestinian people and it is a matter of military policy for it to prevent Palestinians from returning to their homeland. I am one among millions of Palestinians who have no right to return to their homeland. This has been really very hard for me as my parents have never seen their four grandchildren. All of us – me, my wife and kids are all missing our homeland and we wish we can visit soon safely”