Jennifer Zamparelli. Picture Andres Poveda

HOME ADVANTAGE is back! The general knowledge quiz
hosted by Jennifer Zamparelli where 3 families compete to

This year they’ve doubled the top prize to a fantastic
€10,000 and are looking for families from all over the
country to take part!

Last year there was no team from Meath so they are anxious to have one on this time around

One member of the family goes to the studio to play, while the
rest of the family support (or not!) from home.

Over a series of three frantic brain-teasing rounds, one team
gets to the final round and a shot at the jackpot. You don’t
need to be hard-core quizzers either.

If everyone in the family
knows a little, it might just be enough to win €10,000.

And here are two of the questions they might just ask

What is the snowman called in

Toblerone bars have shrunk a bit on
the last few years, can you tell me how
many little triangles are in the standard
150-gram bar?