A Carnaross woman who was hit with a €40 fine for parking in an unauthorised area in Navan O’Mahony’s car park last year is considering going to court to win back her money after parking company Apcoa turned down her appeal over the matter.

Denise Clarke has been left fuming after Meath County Council officials told her that as she has paid the fine and lost her appeal the matter is now closed.

The office worker is so angry she has even turned into an amateur detective visiting the same spot she had parked three times a week to check if other cars that have parked there have been hit and so far they have not.

The saga began on August 25th last when Denise parked in her usual slot at the end of the car park before going to work and was ticketed by what appears to have been an overzealous warden.

She told Meath Live, ‘Where I always parked was down at the very end of the car park in what appears to be the very last bay but even though there are no signs anywhere to say you cannot park in that slot I was still done.

‘I paid the fine and then rang the council and sent them proof that I had bought a ticket but they said it was for parking in a prohibited area and directed me to Apcoa for an appeal.

‘My problem is how was I meant to know I wasn’t supposed to park there as there is absolutely no signage to suggest that.

‘The council official I spoke to told me I was the only person to get a ticket there in the last four years but that as there was only one white line there it was a no-parking zone.

‘He was adamant that there has to be a white line on either side of the car for it to constitute a parking space.

‘They also said that there was an advertisement hoarding there belonging to O’Mahonys and that if the club wanted to do work to that they needed access.

‘That’s as maybe but the issue I have was I had no way of knowing that if it is a no-parking area surely they should place a yellow box there.’

Meath Live has seen correspondence to Denise from the council in which the local authority admits they do not own the car park.

A legal source told us ‘There is a very good argument to be made that if they don’t own the car park can they actually allow a company contracted to them to issue tickets there, at the very least that seems to be a grey area.’

Denise revealed, ‘I work three days a week in Navan and every day I am there I purposely check the spot I parked in and there is always a car parked there and they are never ticketed.’

‘I can’t prove it but I suspect there was a new warden on duty that day and they were over diligent,

‘At this stage getting the money back doesn’t matter they can donate the forty euro to charity I just want someone to apologise and admit it should not have happened, if I have to go the legal route to get that admission then that is what I will do.’

Apcoa and Meath County Council have been contacted for comment.