Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelynskyy once performed at a comedy gig in Drogheda.

The 44-year-old politician was a stand-up comic and actor before he became the leader of his country.

In 2018 he performed to a capacity audience at the Tommy Leddy Theatre (TLT) in Drogheda for an onstage production of his TV sitcom Servant of The People.

Zelynskyy played the Ukrainian president in the show which was a huge hit with audiences in Eastern Europe.

Almost 1,000 people packed into the theatre on the Meath border to see the show which was produced by a Ukrainian showbiz agent living in Ireland.

In a case of art imitating life his satire TV show, Servant of The People follows a history teacher who was unexpectedly elected as the president after a video of him ranting about government corruption goes viral.

Shortly after his Drogheda gig In 2018, he founded a political party named after the TV show, and the following year he was elected President of Ukraine with over 70 pc of second round votes.

He has stood up to the Russian leader, Putin with great resolve and determination to defend his country along with its people. He has appealed to Europe and America for all the support he can get but he knows he needs more.