34 cancellations to Bus Services from Meath to Dublin in one day have left passengers travelling between Meath and Dublin without a proper service according to Deputy Peadar Tóibín.

Tóibín told Meath Live “It has been brought to my attention by passengers from Meath that there has been a raft of cancellations to the NX Bus Eireann service over the past week. I’m aware from Bus Eireann that there were a total of 34 buses out of service to towns and villages in Meath last Friday. There were a number of disruptions to the route all over the past weekend and they have been ongoing this week.

“I have asked Bus Eireann since early this week to provide me with an official response as to the reason for the number of cancellations and I’m still waiting for a reply. This is simply not good enough when an elected representative can’t even get answers from Bus Eireann while we have passengers from Meath being left stranded without adequate service.

“One passenger told me it has got to the stage now where they have to actually check the Bus Eireann website and online before they leave home just to see if there will be buses available for their journey. All Bus Eireann customer service has been able to tell me is that cancellations are due to operational reasons and staffing issues, but are not in a position to expand beyond that.

Tóibín continued “I will be seeking answers from Minister Eamonn Ryan as to the reasons for the ongoing disruption, where thousands of people from Meath rely on the daily service. It reaffirms why we need a rail service between Navan and Dublin when the only mode of public transport we have at the moment can’t be relied upon”.