A councillor has failed to respond to questions relating to their recent transfer from one local authority house to another in a different part of the same town.

There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on behalf of the councillor or the council but concerns have been expressed as to whether or not the councillor was sufficiently long enough on the waiting list for a transfer.

One fellow councillor who asked to remain anonymous told Meath Live, ‘ I have had people coming to me saying they are years waiting for a transfer and wondering how long this individual has been on the list.

‘Since the last local elections in 2019 anyone I tried to assist in obtaining a transfer has not got one,

‘As public representatives, we have to be seen to be clearly transparent in situations like this and if asked reasonable and fair questions we should at least answer them.

‘Put it this way if it was me involved I would certainly put everything into the public domain as not doing so leaves room for idle gossip and speculation and that is never a good thing.’

A Meath County Council spokesperson said, ‘Lists are uniformed and based on length of time accrued, simply out someone who is on a waiting list for six years should expect to get a transfer sooner than someone who is four years on it.

‘Transfer times can vary from area of choice and from bedroom size to bedroom size.’

The questions below were sent to the councillor via email and text and when we spoke to them on the phone they said they were in a meeting and would call back.

We are still waiting.

What we asked;

1; When did you move from one property to the other and is the new house a larger property?

2; Were there reasons for this move, if so what were they?

3; When did you first apply for a transfer?

4; What would your reaction be to suggestions that as a councillor you used political influence to get the transfer to your new home?