Controversial clamping company Apcoa clamped a car containing a wheelchair bound child at Johnstown shopping centre this week despite the vehicle being parked in a bay reserved for those with special needs.

Kind hearted bosses at Smiths Supervalu stepped in and paid the release fee of €125 but the family of the child have told Meath Live of their anger.

They said, ‘ The sign where we parked clearly stated Special Needs it did NOT say cars parked there needed the blue disc that signifies a disabled passenger.

‘We even wheeled our child over to where the clamper was but he wouldn’t budge, on a point of principle we would not pay the fee but management at the supermarket kindly stepped in and did so.#

‘It’s outrageous really I mean it was clear the child was in a wheelchair and that we were parked correctly but they wouldn’t budge.’


The incident comes just four months after  25 year old Downs Syndrome sufferer Aaron O’Sullivan was in a car, driven by his mother Ciara,that was clamped at the same location.

At the time Aaron’s dad Robert posted on social media, ‘Clamped in a Special Needs space in Smith’s SuperValu Johnstown Navan with my son who clearly has Down Syndrome. He is distressed. Disgraceful. No signage to say he needs a badge on my car to prove his status.’

It must be pointed out that Smith’s Supervalu bear no responsibility for either situation as Apcoa are contracted to oversee the car parking, and they have been contacted for comment.