Two football teams were left stunned last Sunday when a robotic lawn mower sprung to life and invaded the pitch halting play for a number of minutes.

The Moynalvey and Blackhall Gaels players in the Meath division 4 league at the formers pitch had to step out of the way as the mower, which looks like a Dalek from Doctor Who, sped across the grass just after the game had started.

Moynalvey PRO Paul Greene revealed, ‘We only have the thing a few weeks and there are just two club members who know how to operate it.

‘It was in use up to maybe a quarter of an hour before throw in and had been switched off manually but somehow it started up again and headed for the pitch.

‘Luckily enough the two lads had stayed to watch the game and theywent on the pitch and turned it off again.

‘The players seen the funny side of it but the best line came from the referee, Darren Dunne, who said that in all they taught him at the referees beginners course they must have missed the bit as to what you do when a lawn mower attacks you!’

One spectator said, ‘There were lads on that pitch moved faster when they saw the thing coming at them than they did for the rest of the match.’

When play resumed Moynalvey didn’t let the grass grow under their feet and proved to be a cut above their opponents winning by 4-11 to 0-10