Needing fortification earlier today before a hard (yes really!) days work, Meath Live decided to partake of breakfast at Costa in Johnstown.

If we needed fortification at first we nearly needed resuscitation afterwards.

Not that the food was bad, in fact it was very nice but the bill was bigger than a very large ducks.

One pot of tea, a cheese and ham toastie, two caramel crunch and a egg mayo sandwich came to €18.25

While the food was up to scratch the service was a little below par.

The lady in front of us at the counter had not one, not two, but three different staff members attempt to take her order which to our untrained ears was a fairly straight forward one involving a skinny latte (What is that Ed?)

When we asked for some tomato ketchup, cheese and ham toasties don’t work without it, the young man serving kindly volunteered to bring it to us, but alas his sat nav for finding our table must have been switched off and we ended up fetching it ourselves.

All that could have been overlooked but the price.

€18;25 Really?

PS; We just noticed they gave us the wrong buns